Play Time for adults originated at Christmas time in 2017. My partner and I were a bit bored of the games that we have played a million times.

One of the evenings in the middle of the night, I couldn’t sleep, as my mind was buzzing with ideas and the thought of creating our own game, and it has taken over my mind ever since. I got up in the middle of the night and started writing my ideas down so I wouldn't forget them the next day.

Then over the next two weeks while I was at home in Ireland, I started brainstorming with my partner and sketched the idea down in more detail. Shortly after, we really began to believe we had something exciting and unique. I was hooked, and spent the next 6 months designing the graphics, 3D models and writing the cards. It was a long and difficult journey with a lot of late nights and weekends dedicated to this game. I probably spent more time on this game then with my partner.

I had some weird ideas for the game name, but in the end, my partner came up with this simple, yet genius name, "Play Time for adults".

P.S. Here is an early sketch of the game.